Street food at masoori

hey guys today i am showing you a video of tasty omelette in masoori . seen every places in masoori…                         lovely omlette center is famous in masoori. you can’t miss this spot. More so because while you stroll down Mall Road on a chilly day, the aroma of freshly made eggs is bound to tempt you. The omelettes are available in various flavours – masala, cheese, chocolate and it is interesting to watch the two maestros skilfully dish out the never ending orders of omelettes on their prized pans….

The most interesting food & places in masoori                                                                                                                 Stepping away from the crowd, trekking to the George Everest Peak was like a limitless day of adventure. Shivering slightly in the crisp monsoon air we pit stopped at small shacks to refuel. Onion pakoras simmering in hot oil, French toast, steamed momos and a soothing cup of tea gave us the much needed warmth. A true beauty of nature, we ventured through greens, woods and clouds.The walk through Camel’s back road and up to Sister’s Bazaar is a quiet one. Once there, make your way to Prakash Stores and get a block of cheese back home. This store has been around forever and is known for its home-made products – from yak cheese to chutneys, pickles and fresh fruit jams. While you’re at it, stroll through to reach Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie. On a bright, clear day it gives an unobstructed view of the beautiful range of snowcapped Himalayas which staggers the imagination.If you’re a lover of landscapes visit the Gun Hill (the second highest peak in Mussoorie), Kempty and Bhatta Falls and the Mussoorie Lake. Head to the Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Happy Valley or St. Paul’s Church in Landour for a sense of solace.

With so many places to be at, deciding how to fit it all in our quick weekend getaway was overwhelming.  Lucky for you, here’s a bucket list of those that you must hit first.
you must go there and eat. its very tasty its my personal experience awesome weather and yummy food . there are the famous mall road makes the hills come alive.learn more

Sources of foods – animal & plants



Our body works continuously from morning till night .food gives us energy and helps us to works throughout the day. vegetables and fruit have vitamins and minrals in them they are protective food and helpour bodyto fight so i am tell you two type of sources of food.

It is of great importance that one understands where or what their source of food is. Rice comes from plants, and curry might depend on whether it is a vegetarian dish or a non-vegetarian one. A blanced diet is a necessity if one wants to lead a healthy life. And this balanced diet involves different carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats and so on. So how does one ensure that the balanced diet is maintained? The first step is to know where do they come from so that we can understand the different nutrients provided by that particular item of food. Let’s have a glimpse of food sources and plant and animal products we consume.Animal products are used as food directly or indirectly. In the sense, one might consume the muscles or organs of the animals which are the direct method or rely on its products like egg, milk and dairy products, honey and so on. Animal products too are a rich source of nutrients. The food chain is composed of exactly these animals starting with organisms that use the energy of the sun to the apex at which organisms that are predators and rely on producers.

FOOD FROM PLANT  – Like vegitables, green vegitables and fruits.some vegitables can be eaten raw and some                                                           need to be cooked.

FOOD FROM ANIMAL – Food from animal like eggs,honey meat milk and milk product.                                                                                                    Food is essential to stay alive ,to grow and to get energy.


Food In Panjab

 Many dhaba and resturent in Amritsar.  and u have take best and testy food in Amritsar.but on my side kesar ka dabha is best .  Kesar the Dhaba has now established itself as an attraction (specially for food lovers) inAmritsar. Now first thing is to reach this place can be a little difficult as it’s in a very narrow lane and only accessible by foot or rickshaw.mefoodweb The ambience is nothing hifi but simple. Now let’s talk about the food, firstly the .The gobi paratha was mind blowing and tasted superb and next best thing was raita made from fresh dahi. Chola was great and so was aloo paratha. The desi ghee drips from every corner so forget about your fitness goals for a while to gorge on some of the best north India food here. A word of caution….expect very low level of hygeine. If you are the finicky type….avoid this dhaba. We saw insects crawl on tables and walls. The utensils are ordinary and at times not perfectly clean….the staff is attentive and quick but totally the kind you would find on any highway dhaba.spend your great time in panjab  have this then you gonna never forget it’s taste..take my word!!