The beauty of the Himalayas is as fascinating as the beautiful love stories show up here in folk tales. In different parts of Uttarakhand, love stories have reached masses in the form of folklores. Rajula Malushi’s immortal love story is considered a symbol of love.epic love story of uttarakhand.Click here

Rajula’s in loves of  malushahi and she wants to meet him and he did not care of any obstacles in a way of love. malushahi is king of the city of Barrath (present day square). According to Janushuti, King Dola Shah ruled in Barrath. They did not have their children. He was advised to worship Lord Shiva in Bagnath (present day Bageshwar), and he would get a child. The Dola Shah meets sunpat and his wife gaunly in haridwar. And Both decide that,

If we have a son and daughter then we will marry them. After some time the king became the daughter of the Sunput and Barrat became the son of the king of the country.

He takes the ring of symbolic marriage and travels to Barrath facing the difficulties. And Malushi asleep in deep sleep Rajula makes a lot of effort to awaken him but malushahi does not awake. Rajula goes back crying.

After the return of rajula. he wake up and he know everything and he is realizes that. With the help of them, he reached the king’s place. Rajula is very pleased to see Malushi.

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