Heaven in kumaun

today we talk about magic taste of uttrakhand recipes traditional cuisine of uttrakhand is highly nutritious simple to prepare and at the same time  appealing to the plate.

The effect of regional diversity is also seen in state catering recipes can be mainly categorized in two :

  • KUMAUNI RECIPES : Recipes in kumaun mandue ki roti , gahat ki daal ke dubuk,saag, bhang ki chutney,  bhat ki chutkani etc.
  • GARHWALI RECIPES : Recipes in garhwal chainsoo, kaafuli jholi, phannu,badi , and aaloo tamtao jhol etc.   Uttarakhand which has earned the epithet of being referred to as “Dev Bhoomi” is a culturally rich state. The     heavenly state is famous for its rich cultural heritage, art, dialects, monuments, delicacies, ancient temples and   the simple people residing in the hills.The beautiful Pahari women of Uttarakhand are fond of wearing jewellery specially crafted in silver or gold, adding grace and femininity to their personality. If…Harela, one of the auspicious festivals of Kumaon is celebrated for welcoming the rainy season

 you have to go best places to visit in uttrakhand 

you are a nature lover Uttarakhand is the perfect destination endless natural beauty here.Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is situated at Himalayan foothills.next famous thing in Uttrakhand naintal, at 1938 meters above sea level,nani lake With mountains on all sides,next place is Kedarnath, a small town located in Gahrwal Himalayan Ranges, is considered . It houses the famous Kedarnath temple. Kedarnath is located amidst majestic mountains. Here are some of the Badrinath is yet another popular pilgrim center in Uttarakhand. This town is located between Nar and Naryana, the mountain ranges. Located at an altitude of 3133 meters and shadowed by Nilkantha Peak, you are sure to grope for words to describe its immense beauty. Badrinath Temple is the main attraction here.there are some more places in uttranchal like  ALMORA , KAUSHANI, PITHORAGERH, RANIKHET.


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