Friends, today I’m going to tell you about Kumauni folklore. By the way kumaun is famous for its many things .Let see through this song a glimpse of kumaun.


All my post to belong kumaun. Because i belong to kumaun . And i want this that more people also know about it.Here people celebrate every little things.And eat every thing by sharing it.People consider every festival through folk songs.This folk song are happening in the temple of bageshwer in kumaun .Here is the day of ashtmi  and it is celebrate in this way.Folklore is sung  in wedding , in the fair and in holi. Apart from this the outfit here is also different and in view. With in kumaun it is worth seeing a lot of things as temple here , and the place you  see here and the height.Which visible,it is heart wnerching.That’s why people like to go to the mountains for the holidays. Because natural air and water can be found only.Today’s life is a place which I find comfortably, there is a different mood of its own………….. That’s why i love kumaun.

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